About Us

About Our Company

Your ONLY Local Bedding Manufacturer since 1946.  Providing 60+ years of excellence.  We offer custom made sizes, genuine box springs, latex and MEMORY FOAM bedding, frames, and stylish headboards.  FREE 10 year warranty.  FREE Delivery and disposal.  Proud to use ONLY American-made materials.  

The Bedding Difference

 Your bed is made and manufactured right here at Acme Bedding Company of Muskeg on.  Dual-sided Mattresses NOT commonly found elsewhere anymore.  Don't go with a one-sided Mattress when you will be spending MORE $ over the years from replacing.  Come to Acme Bedding Company where your ONE  


Trusted for over 60+ years


  • Certificate of Achievement for 55 years of  Continued Growth and Customer Satisfaction
  • A Consumer Preferred Business for;

1.Fair Value

2.Excellence in Service

3.Modern Business Practices

4.Total Truth in Advertising and Public Relations 



"High Quality, LONG LASTING Mattresses"   

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"We love our mattresses from Acme Bedding Company!  We will NEVER buy from ANOTHER manufacturer."  

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